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Day 10

AM Workout: None



1 Egg over medium & 1 Egg white on 1 slice of low carb toast with provelone cheese and butter. 

Deathwish Coffee with Sugar Free Cream & Truvia 


1 packet Thai style tuna w/a tiny amount of mayo

Bowl of veggies (Carrots, Broccoli & Cauliflower) with a small amount of butter, salt & Parmesan

Sugar Free Rockstar

I wanted mayo in my tuna but also butter on my veggies so I had to use a small amount of both so I didn't go overboard on my fat intake. 


We had to work through dinner so it was a drive thru situation. I got the McDonalds Grilled Chicken Southwest Salad. I removed the tortilla strips and only used 1/2 the dressing packet as the salad also had corn and black beans which is all carbs. 

Coffee with cream & Splenda

The pic makes it look pretty gross and sad, but it was actually pretty good. Again - not a daily choice I'd make, but works in a pinch. 

PM Workout: 

3 sets 10 bar curls

3 sets 10 sit down weighted curls

3 sets 10-15 tricep pull downs 

3 sets 10-15 tricep push-up dips

That's all for today - see you tomorrow! 


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