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Day 9

AM Workout: None

My abs are still sore from the crunches I did Friday night. I feel like I've been through a couple rounds with Ronda Rousey.



2 Eggs Scrambled with Cheese w/Salsa

6 Cashews

8oz Coconut Water

Valhalla Java Coffee w/ Sugar Free Cream & Truvia

I really love Coconut Water, but because of the amount of carbs - I often drink it to replace carbs with my meal. I don't drink it on it's own or to replace regular water, but it's perfect when I don't want heavy carbs with my meal.


A builders vanilla protein bar

Starbucks Venti Sweet Cream Cold Brew w/extra sweet cream & 4 Splenda


For some reason the thought of eating meat today grossed me out - so I didn't want meat for dinner. I also felt hungry so I didn't want a liquid dinner, so I made protein grits. I just added a scoop of chocolate protein powder and a tbsp of butter and there ya go.

It kinda resembled baby food or slop, but it tasted alright. I need a new brand of protein powder - this one (Pure Protein) tastes like chemicals. I prefer Muscle Milk.

PM Workout:

150 laying Squats

3 sets of 21 crunches

5 sets 21 front leg raises

3 sets 21 between the leg pulls

That's all for today - see you tomorrow!


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