Day 4.

AM Workout: None

Woke up early and headed to the flip house to do a full day of painting. Just got home about 20 mins ago and it's 10pm.



2 Eggs Scrambled w/cheese

Brown Rice

Verde Salsa

6 Cashews

Deathwish Coffee with Sugar-Free Creamer & 1 Truvia


Chocolate Protein Shake (1 Scoop Protein, 8oz whole milk)

Coconut Water 8oz

6 Cashews

Sugar Free Red Bull

I find this is the easiest thing for me to have while working at the flip homes. It's quick and doesn't take a lot of time to prep at home before we leave in the morning.


Turkey & Roast Beef lunch meat (3 slices total) with a slice of Provolone cheese

A bowl of veggies (Baby Carrots, Broccoli, Cauliflower) w/Tbsp Butter, Salt & Parmesan cheese


I know my meals for the last 4 days haven't had much variety, but with our schedule - I try to find things that are quick and easy. Once my time frees up a bit - I may get into doing some more meal prep with chicken etc.

PM Workout:

100 seated leg raises

50 seated leg curls

That's all for today - see you tomorrow!



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