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Day 2.

The smith machine was built so I was able to get a 30minute leg workout in this morning before work. Light weight - hight reps. Getting back into the swing of things. You can watch some video of that at the link below:

I realize this is a clunky way to share video - I hope to improve on that here soon and get everything on the blog. Stay with me while I sort out all the kinks.



2 eggs scrambled w/cheese

1 piece low carb toast w/butter



2 eggs scrambled w/cheese

1 piece low carb toast w/butter

Pumpkin Chai


1 slice roast beef

3 cashews

Coconut water


Roast beef and turkey lunch meat with 1 slice provolone cheese

Bowl of veggies (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Baby Carrots) with butter, salt & Parmesan cheese.

Lastly I'll have a snack before bedtime - 1/2 an Atkins peanut protein bar.

For my second workout of the day I did 100 squats before bedtime. My goal is to get this number to 300 and I plan to do this every night before bed. In an effort to keep this as real as possible - I won't be photo editing any of these pics. I lightened/brightened it a bit so it's easier to see - but that's it. No filters, no "photoshop" - just raw and real. I want to show my progress and my struggles - flaws and all. This is me at my starting point - I hope to make significant changes and to share my struggles and accomplishments with you guys day to day. My legs are shaking right now - and cramping. Downing a ton of water and stretching - then resting up for tomorrow.

Oak also joined me to workout, and he had a "spotter"...lolol

That's all for today - - I'm off to squeeze in an hour of Overwatch before bed. See you tomorrow!


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