January 1, 2017

Day 1 of 2017 and my prep to play TANK has begun! Gonna do my best to do a log entry every day of my journey to getting into TANK shape and getting ready to bring her back to life. 

For Christmas, Oak and I got a workout machine for our studio so I could stay dedicated to my routine and schedule for working out. We spent all night getting it built so I could start my workout tomorrow. Here's a pic of it finished: 

We didn't get done until 2:30am, so I couldn't be bothered to clean up the mess. 


I will also be following a nutrition plan. I know this can be a touchy subject for people and there are lots of varying opinions on what works best. All I will say is - this is my plan and it's what works best for me. I'm not preaching to anyone or saying my way is the best way - it's simply what I do. For those of you that may be curious about how I eat - I'll be sharing a daily food and workout blog. My diet essentially breaks down to this: equal amounts of protein/carbs/fat at every meal. I pretty much eat like this all the time, but while training I am going to be more strict about the types of carbs I eat and how much I eat per meal. 


For instance on a normal day I might have a burger patty, a cookie and some peanut butter. 


On my strict plan it would look more like: a chicken breast & broccoli with a tbsp of real butter. You know - the less fun, but undeniably more healthy choice. 


So I don't count calories - I just eat balanced! 




Here is what Day 1 looked like for me:



Greek Protein Yogurt 

10 almonds




2 eggs scrambled w/cheese

Handful of wheat Chex (We had no healthy carbs in the house after the holidays so I had to make due until I could go grocery shopping, lol)

10 almonds

Red Bull 



Hamburger patty

1/2 Cup Black Eyes Peas (For good luck this year!)

10 Almonds 

Chai Tea 


I'm not a food photographer and I had already scarfed part of my burger before I remembered to take a pic, lol. I'll get better at this I swear. 


That's all for today! See you again tomorrow! 

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