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1-22-16 Our journey begins - AGAIN!

CRAWL or DIE deleted scene


So very excited to get our new website up and running!

We have so very much to share - let's cut to the chase...

Nicole and I are setting everything in motion to be filming the sequel to CRAWL or DIE late this year (2016)early (2017). It's going to be tough - but we are excited to head down that road.

It begins here - Nicole and I are flipping homes

to raise all the funding for the movie so that we may keep complete control of the finished project and own the movie outright along with the merchandising. In doing this - it will give Nicole and I so much control in picking 'who' and 'how' the sequel will be distributed. Simply put - it gives us control to protect our movie and strike deals that are fair and smart.

We are ecstatic with our decision We are free to make the exact movie we want to make and film it the way we know it needs to be filmed.

Later this year we will be building a brand new studio

to film the sequel in - and - we will be building a massive set for the film. Massive!

The spaceship alone will fill a 50' by 60' space within the studio - can't wait to share the live feed of the ship being built.

So... what about the female ICON BADASS character 'TANK' - well... just wait until you get a look at her new appearance - it's spec-TANK-ular!!!

Within this blog Nicole and I will be sharing our lives - what we watch, the houses we are flipping and the work we are doing on them. Our cats - our search for the land for our new studio - the studio build, new T-Shirts, BluRays - hell... just tons and tons of stuff!

So here we go again - the CRAWL or DIE sequel journey BEGINS!

Onwards and Upwards!



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