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Day 15

A friend of mine who inspires me a lot - and was actually the inspiration behind the name for TANK posted this yesterday and it really helped me. 

I've missed my workouts the past 2 days and eaten at fast food places. While I do my best to make smart choices even there - everyone can struggle and fall off the wagon. I'm not perfect, and sometimes, because I live in the country - an hour trip to go get groceries just isn't gonna happen after a long ass day. So I end up eating food that isn't great. I started to feel really down about it yesterday - like I was already failing on my goals. Then I saw this post. She's right. No use dwelling on the past - just re-focus and come back stronger! That being said...



2 Eggs Scrambled w/cheese

A Mango/Peach/Pineapple Fruit Cup

6 Almonds

Valhalla Java Coffee w/Cream & Truvia


Tuna Salad w/mayo & relish

Small tortilla

Sugar Free Monster