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Day 7

Got to sleep in this morning which was nice.

AM Workout: None



2 eggs scrambled w/cheese

Brown rice

Verse Salsa

6 Cashews

Deathwish Coffee w/sugar free cream & trivia

Water (In my bkr black studded water bottle which I love)


Subway 6-in Sub

Turkey - double meat

Whole grain flat bread

cheese Provolone

Pickles, olives, lettuce, bell pepper, jalapeño, mustard, oil & vinegar, salt & pepper

I take off half of the flat bread to minimize the amount of carb intake.

Diet Dr. Pepper


We went to our good friends house for dinner tonight and it was delicious as usual.


Brown Rice

Brussel Sprouts

1 smashed red potato

Saturday being my rest/cheat meal day - I also has some Chex Mix and drinks - Vodka Red Bull, 2 Fireball Shots & a Jager bomb.

PM Workout: I did some impromptu yoga and push-ups with my friends daughter because we are strong girls! 💪🏼 We also did matching Princess Leia buns.

I think she pulled it off better than I did, lol.

Thanks all for today! See you tomorrow.


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