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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! CRAWL OR DIE is now Officially Available on...


That's right! You - the fans - have made CRAWL or DIE a 'CULT-HIT' according to our U.S. Distributor - and for that - they green lit the BLU-RAY version of the film!

For an Independent Film with such a small budget - that is RARE! With no money for P.R. - you the fans have kept pushing and spreading the word daily about our movie... and finally today - BOOM - Blu-Ray!!!

We deeply want to thank you all!

Two ways the BluRay is available to you -


OPTION 1 (Available for U.S. only):

Via our site - this version of the BluRay is the only way to receive our BluRay design:

Here is the Winning Blu-Ray cover from the VOTING contest we held:

We will be selling 20 signed copies ONLY!!

Signed Blu-Ray Packs will be $39.99 and here's what you get:

* Signed BluRay (with LIMITED EDITION cover art - pictured above)

* Signed DVD

* 2 Postcards

* CRAWL OR DIE Commentary HD Download

* CRAWL OR DIE Soundtrack Download


ONE LUCKY Person will get a special small prop of TANK's used in several key scenes from the movie! ONLY available with ONE of these 20 Signed BluRays!! (Names will be put in a hat and one name will be drawn at random LIVE on camera JULY 1st to determine the winner of the prop!)

So grab em' while you can and enter for your chance to win a prop from the movie! (ONE ENTRY PER PERSON ONLY!)

Pre-Orders end JULY 1st.



You can order the original DVD cover version of the BluRay right from Amazon! Keep in mind this version does not come with the commentary track nor the soundtrack nor the new BluRay cover... but it's still BADASS!


We are so excited to finally offer CRAWL or DIE on BluRay!

Either option is GRAND!

Again - thank you all for making CRAWL or DIE a cult fan favorite movie!

We can't wait to start filming the sequel!

Onwards and Upwards!

Nicole Alonso and Oklahoma Ward

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