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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! CRAWL OR DIE is now Officially Available on...


That's right! You - the fans - have made CRAWL or DIE a 'CULT-HIT' according to our U.S. Distributor - and for that - they green lit the BLU-RAY version of the film!

For an Independent Film with such a small budget - that is RARE! With no money for P.R. - you the fans have kept pushing and spreading the word daily about our movie... and finally today - BOOM - Blu-Ray!!!

We deeply want to thank you all!

Two ways the BluRay is available to you -


OPTION 1 (Available for U.S. only):

Via our site - this version of the BluRay is the only way to receive our BluRay design:

Here is the Winning Blu-Ray cover from the VOTING contest we held:

We will be selling 20 signed copies