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CRAWLorDIE hits the RED CARPET in L.A.

Things are moving forward for the CRAWLorDIE Sequel - we have raised half the funding on our own via hard labor and within the year we will have the rest! That means the new land will be purchased and the massive film studio building will be built - as well - the extremely enormous movie set for CRAWLorDIE2 very soon!

We can't wait to share all the news in more detail.

Daily - we both keep telling each other - patience... we must lean on patience. Take our time with the process of self-funding. Don't stress or worry that our fans will leave us. It's all in our mind. When we do get worried - all we have to do is log onto social media and reach out - our loyal fans charge us right back up with support and interaction. That is why we have grown to love social media - our loyal CRAWLorDIE/TANK fan base. Our supporters truly have been our life-force.

The reality is - we are halfway through the journey of starting CRAWLorDIE 2.

Our dreams are halfway achieved.

Onward and Upward!

Over the next blog updates we will share the GREAT NEWS about our graphic novel and the unbelievable luck we have had with whom we partnered up with. He is - and has been - our no.1 choice for a partner on the graphic novel. His involvement - experience/connections - will be and has been - huge! We can't wait to share all the details and begin to share the images. TANK will rock in the graphic novel and the story will bridge into the sequel as well as give tons of clues about TANK and her past. We are so excited about this development - we can barely keep calm about the development.

Weeks ago we - as well our movie CRAWLorDIE - were special guests at the Artemis Film Festival in L.A. The festival focuses on Women in Film and strong talented women working within the industry. We felt at home at the festival. It was a grand time. We met many great people and found some tremendously talented women willing to be apart of CRAWLorDIE2. We can't wait to share all the info soon. For now - enjoy some pics from the Festival - the red carpet event and our grand time in L.A.


To see more information about some of the kick ass women we met at the festival (...and Maja whom we are working on being in the CRAWLorDIE sequel ) - check them out here:


Stay tuned friends - more updates soon!

Much love - OKLAHOMA and NICOLE

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